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Communication is Key

Communication is important to us because we place emphasis on clarity and ensure transparent communication with our clients regarding the accounts we handle. We conform to the ethical standards, playoff our trade and we pass this on to our clients. Communication about payment is made clear prior to undertaking a project as we work to legislative requirements to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid to the government accordingly. Business advice will be issued professionally to ensure successful business endeavours.

Quality Services

Highwoods & Associates, run by a number of Accountants in London, Kent, Leeds and Bristol, is also a B2B company that offers quality services to other companies in various economic sectors like:
  • The retail sector
  • The agricultural sector
  • The property development and constructions sector
  • The transport sector
  • The I.T sector
  • The manufacturing sector
  • The service businesses sector

Personal Relationships

We maintain a high level of personal relationship with our clients thereby ensuring a wider range of interaction which raises trust and long-term commitments from our clients. Our clients do not feel on their own because we do not only help with financial accounting but also on developing businesses and making taxation decisions for your organisation. This proves to be a major help since it is provided by professionals who have the know-how on facing and solving entrepreneurship and taxation hiccups in a reliable way.

Exercising Courtesy

In all our activities, we encourage clients to express their views and strive to create an inviting environment and atmosphere for them to do so comfortably.

Highwoods & Associates Accountancy Services in London, Kent, Leeds and Bristol.

Highwoods & Associates want your business to grow and succeed. Our team of professional and friendly accountants in London, Kent, Leeds and Bristol, are with you every step of the way in providing you with award-winning accountancy services.

We want to hear from you if:

  • ✓ You are willing to invest money and time to help your business grow?
  • ✓ You want to ensure that your prices are effective so that you become even more tax efficient?

We can help you to review all your business systems and procedures, making sure that you utilise the very latest innovative technologies that provide you with more control over the running of your business. As well as helping you to protect your finances by creating a business exit plan. This ensures that you can leave the business at your choosing while it is still trading, taking with you your chosen profit.

Traditional services

As you’d expect, we also provide all the other traditional services a business might require:

  • ✓ Accountancy
  • ✓ Business coaching
  • ✓ Business taxation
  • ✓ Company formation
  • ✓ Employment management incentive scheme (EMI)
  • ✓ Enterprise investment scheme (EIS)
  • ✓ HMRC investigations
  • ✓ Inheritance tax
  • ✓ Partnerships
  • ✓ Payroll services
  • ✓ Personal taxation
  • ✓ Research and development tax relief (R&D)
  • ✓ Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS)
  • ✓ Value added tax (VAT)

So arrange a meeting with us!

We are a friendly team of accountants in London, Kent, Leeds and Bristol. To arrange a meeting and to learn more about how we can help you and your business, then please do get in touch with us today via telephone for a free no obligation quote.

Highwoods & Associates Vision and Core Values

Our vision guides us to be the leading accounting and business consulting firm that provides opportunities for our team to enable them to deliver practical, innovative and strategic insight to our clients.

Highwoods and Associates’ core values inspire and motivate our team at every stage of our practice.

Our Team:

Value every individual member’s contribution and help them to maximise their personal growth.


Maintain a high level of integrity, transparency in every aspect of our work.


Assume total responsibility for our actions, services and decisions throughout our firm.


Constantly seeking innovative tools and ideas that will improve the client’s experience.


Give back to our local community to improve the lives of others.


Highwoods & Associates has built up a stellar reputation within the IT and creative sectors over time. As a result, we are very proud to have some of the most talented and exciting clients in these vital industries. From IT consultants to app developers, graphic designers, copywriters and website developers, our services can help any business in this niche keep on top of their accounts. But why are we the people to rely on for those in the IT and creative sector?

Put simply, we understand this sector and what businesses involved in them need from an accountant. Our team understands how the creative space operates, and the challenges business owners in information technology come across also. This gives us the right level of experience to help you overcome any problems with no hassle. We can also streamline your business operations through our CFO advisory service. This includes our powerful business growth solution and using our range of accounting software to set the right strategies for growth.

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