Running your own business is satisfying, but it can come with plenty of challenges too. One of these is finding time to focus as much attention as you would like on the critical parts of your operation. This is not always easy with so much other stuff to stay on top of! For this reason, many business owners will choose to outsource some business tasks to allow them to focus on more important jobs. But what are the types of work you could outsource effectively to save time?


When it comes to business tasks to outsource effectively, payroll is a very common one. The reasons for this are pretty clear when you think about it. Running your own payroll is a tedious, time-consuming process that you have to do every month. In addition, it is critical to get right because mistakes in payroll reporting can prove costly. Many businesses, therefore, outsource their payroll to qualified accountancy firms. This not only saves you bundles of time to use on core operations but also sees payroll looked after by specialists.

Tax reporting

Another classic business task to outsource is tax returns and reporting. Naturally, this is also best handled by a qualified accountant who knows how it works and has the time to keep abreast of any rule changes by HMRC. Compared to taking care of even the simplest tax returns yourself, this will save you a lot of time and hassle. If you also find an accountant who uses Cloud-based software, it gets even simpler.


One of the last very common tasks companies outsource effectively is their IT. This not only saves you time on having to fix any issues or look after cyber-security yourself, but also saves you money on hiring a permanent member of staff to do it. When you outsource this to a professional IT contractor, you can enjoy full support and smoothly run IT systems – without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Help with tax reporting and payroll from Highwoods & Associates

If you want to save yourself lots of time which can then be spent on key business areas, outsourcing is a wise move. As the above shows, there are many tasks that are ideal to outsource. Here at Highwoods & Associates, we can help with many key tasks – from tax returns to payroll. Get in touch at info@highwoodsandassociates.co.uk today for more details.

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