Every growing business is keen to find new ways to boost cash flow and increase profit margins. Unfortunately, however, there is plenty of less-than-perfect advice floating around online promising to drive sales and profits. To help you avoid falling prey to common myths, we’ve busted a few below:

Myth #1. Boosting margins is only possible if you raise prices or reduce costs

Cost-cutting or price hikes are often seen as the only ways to improve the financial health of your business. Often, however, these moves can lead to poor-quality products or disgruntled customers, thereby harming the reputation of your brand.

Ultimately, there is no quick fix to boosting profit margins. It requires patience and effort to enhance your offerings and improve leads and sales.

Myth #2. You need to compare your profit margins to those of competitors

While your competitors may sell similar goods and services, you should not compare your profit margins with theirs. Indeed, it is impossible to know all of the details about their cost structure or pricing models, so comparisons could be misleading. Stick to concentrating on your own financial affairs.

Myth #3. You must set a minimum profit margin goal for all goods and services

Profit margins differ across industries and seasons, and setting a target could distract you from achieving more important criteria. Instead, focus on driving profit by enhancing:

• Employee retention and skills

• Brand recognition

• Payment and pricing terms

• Your list of suppliers

• Supply chain logistics

• Operational efficiency

• Cost of goods and services

• Innovation and collaboration

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