Nearly every marketplace is crowded. Gone are the days when every town would have a solitary butcher, baker, blacksmith and grocer; the world is now a little more cutthroat, and for businesses to survive, they need to declare themselves superior to the competition.

There are many ways that you can make your business stand out, and in this blog, we are going to take a look at the top four.

1. Place a focus on branding

When it comes to branding, there are two key things you need to remember. Firstly, be confident; if you want to stand out, you should commit to something bold and memorable. Secondly, be consistent; once you settle on a logo, slogan and colour scheme, utilise it across everything you do.

2. Be the best (and showcase it)

It almost goes without saying that the best way of retaining customers and gaining new ones is to be the best. However, in order to thrive in a world filled with competitors, many of them online, it is essential to highlight what makes you the best and why. Write blogs showcasing your expertise, promote reviews and testimonials, and do everything in your power to provide customers with added value.

3. Think about packaging

This might not seem obvious, or even particularly necessary, but once you realise that your packaging is the only piece of marketing that will reach every single one of your customers, you’ll understand how much of an opportunity this grants you. Your packaging should reflect your brand, its ideals, and should be as attractive as it is eco-friendly.

4. Have a unique tone of voice

This is not always easy to establish, but your business’ key differentiating factor is… you. Inject your voice and personality into everything you do, from blogs to emails, product descriptions to social media posts.

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