Everybody is fully aware that an accountant can play a key role in ensuring that your taxes get filed on time, meaning you’ll never end up with a pesky fine. However, far from simply being there to balance the books, accountants are capable of doing much more. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at four other ways an accountant could help you and your business flourish. 1. Get your start-up off the ground Even if you have the best idea, product or solution in the world, you need to have a firm understanding of how it will make money if you want your business to succeed. An accountant can help ensure you speak to the right investors, can help you figure out what operating costs you’re likely to incur, and can come up with potential revenue streams. 2. Get the strategy sorted Businesses simply don’t flourish unless they have a strategy in place. An expert accountant, given that they will have worked with numerous businesses in the past, will be able to offer advice, guidance and support when it comes to developing a robust and altogether viable strategy. 3. Get on top of debt The vast majority of businesses will be required to take on some form of debt when they begin operating, and an accountant can help ensure that this debt never becomes too much of a burden. They will be able to put you on the right path to managing money effectively, which is absolutely crucial for businesses large and small. 4. Get acquainted with the best accounting software Cloud accounting is now used around the world so as to make the entire process of managing all things finance far simpler. Your accountant will be able to show you how to keep track of KPIs, how to see cashflow forecasts, and will also be able to advise around the best ways to pay off loans/debts digitally. Contact Highwoods & Associates today to see how we can help.