Workloads are much easier to manage when tasks are split up between multiple people. It’s important to know when to delegate tasks to your team, to both free up valuable time and to ensure team members get an opportunity to be involved in different projects and make use of their unique skills and insights.

1. Break down what needs to be done- Before you begin delegating work, take the time to evaluate what the tasks involve, how much time they will likely take and how many people you might need to help out. Having a clear roadmap will help to ensure everything runs smoothly.

2. Identify who is best placed for the task- You might have a particular person in mind that you know is best suited for a specific task but also consider each member of the team and their capacity. Who can you delegate to that will have the time to undertake the work?

3. Establishing a timeline- Using a project management tool can help you to break down all the different subtasks and track the team’s progress as they work through them. It also makes it clear what’s expected of them and when tasks need to be completed.

4. Provide a brief- When you’re delegating to members of the team it might feel like you’re using a lot of precious time on explaining what needs to be done, but outlining a full brief that details everything they need to know will save time in the long run as it negates the need for them to come back with questions.

5. Give access to training and resources- Are you asking an employee to undertake something that is new to them? Making sure they get suitable training and providing relevant resources for them to learn from or support the tasks will put them in the best position for completing the work effectively.

6. Deliver feedback- After your delegated task has been completed, take the time to give feedback to individuals. If there are areas you think they could improve on, make sure you communicate that in a constructive way. Tell them if they have done a good job too, praise goes a long way for building confidence and satisfaction.

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