Creating business systems within your company can be an integral part of ensuring productivity and securing success for your business. Here we guide you through how to build business systems to stimulate the growth of your organisation.

What is a business system?

A business system is a set of tasks and elements that work cohesively together to achieve a business goal or objective. Business systems are very much like procedures that are regularly carried out across the business to maximise its successful operation and profitability.

How to build business systems

1. Identify business activities

Business activities (e.g. operating, investing and financing) are what enable your business to function. Identifying these consistent activities enables you to better structure your business system.

2. Activity break down

The identified business activities need to be broken down into the following: process, tools required, people assigned, and strategies. These elements contribute to structuring your business system by working to identify how the tasks are to be carried out and who will do this.

3. Improve the system

Think about the aim of your business system. For example, do you want to work faster or be more streamlined? You should try out your business systems to see if they meet your overall needs and identify which aspects of the systems need the most improvement, or can be eliminated altogether.

4. Test it out

Creating a solid business system means trying and testing it out many times to maximise its success. Make note of the impact it has or hasn’t made on the workings of your business – is it achieving your goals?

5. Evaluate and improve

If testing your system has shown that it doesn’t quite meet your goals, evaluate where it is failing and work to improve this. It’s normal for a business system to take a few tries before it works perfectly. For more tips on improving the efficiency of your business, or for general accountancy advice across London and Kent, contact our accountants at Highwoods and Associates today.

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