Getting a mentor is one of the easiest ways to accelerate your growth when starting a business. With a mentor, you have someone to give you the tips and tricks to get started on your business path. A mentor is more like a teacher who will provide you with valuable advice to help you propel your business in your industry of choice.

While sometimes you can find a mentor through a symbiotic relationship, it’s never assured. So, here are the steps to get a business mentor with which you can build a successful relationship.

Define the type of mentor you need

While every mentor comes with valuable lessons you can use, not everyone is ideal for your business. Be clear on what exactly you are looking to gain from the mentor. Your unique business needs will help you decide what’s best for you.

Are you looking for guidance on how to be successful? Do you want to build your networks? With clear expectations and goals come the right mentors.

Research different mentors

Once you have defined plans, the next step is to look for a mentor who fits your needs. This you can achieve through proper research.

You can find mentors through several options, such as contacting local business leaders, connecting to a community of entrepreneurs, or attending industry events. You can also opt for online resources like LinkedIn and career pages.

Go for targeted mentorship

Irrespective of the source you get your mentor from, avoid requesting them to be your mentor. Instead, ask for advice on a specific issue, such as an upcoming marketing plan. Apply the recommendation, then inform them of the results.

Afterward, you can ask if it’s okay to contact them from time to time on similar issues. You will gain familiarity with time and develop a mentorship relationship.

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