At Highwoods and Associates, we value team working as a means of delivering maximum value to our clients, and we know that all businesses can enjoy fantastic results when they invest in their team working culture. But what are the benefits of effective team working? Let’s look at some of the main wins:

1. An effective team is a cohesive team, and this means that your employees will all be working in the same direction, to achieve the same business goals and overall strategy.

2. An effective team will be more efficient and less wasteful – avoiding task replication for example by working together closely and communicating.

3. Great team working leads to a more motivated team because everyone has transparency over work being done collectively. Everyone can see what their colleagues are doing, and they have a sense of cohesiveness and shared purpose.

4. Successful teams tend to enjoy better results, as they pull in the same direction, rather than all working in silos on their separate priorities without any sense of the wider sense of purpose.

5. Effective teams perform better, support each other more effectively, enjoy a greater sense of morale and tend to be more satisfied and happy in their roles. They are often envied too by less cohesive units who are likely to want to emulate their close and supportive working style, which naturally includes celebrating each other’s successes.

A great team will only be as good as its leader, so businesses must invest in their managers and help them to become great leaders. Leadership is not a skill that needs to be innate. It can be learned and developed by everyone, and there is also no single style of effective leadership. Authentic leadership means becoming a great listener above all else – an individual that can listen deeply to really understand the concerns, issues, opportunities and challenges of all stakeholders and respond accordingly and appropriately.

As a business, if you can invest in training for your leaders, promote leadership from within and build a positive, supportive and creative culture that rewards productive and appropriate risk-taking, you will naturally start to create powerful, innovative and high-performing teams that propel your business forwards!

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