As an entrepreneur, you might be tempted to think that everyone needs your products and services, but that is not true. Marketing to the general public will do more harm than good because it requires a considerable marketing investment and provides a low return. Therefore, it is crucial that you identify your target market and concentrate on serving them. Here are a few tips on how to identify your ideal clients.

Look at your current client base

Your current client base will give you an idea of who buys your products and services. Look at their age, gender, occupation, location, income level, etc. A survey is a very effective way of getting this information, so send it out to a few of your recent customers. This will help you see which demographic group is best suited for your company.

Dig into your Google analytics

If you have a website, the analytics page is full of valuable information that can help you pinpoint who your ideal clients are. It will show what search queries brought web users to your website and what type of content they like. If you delve deeper, you can also find out basic information about your audience, such as their language, country, city, and even which operating system they use.

Identify their goals

The information you find from your website’s analytics will help you discover what your ideal clients hope to achieve. For example, if you are a fitness trainer, knowing that your ideal client wants to lose weight before her big day will help you sell a customised training program suited to her specific needs. You will also be able to create marketing content suitable for anyone else with the same goal.

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