We firmly believe that all businesses should do what they can to give back to their local community. At Highwoods & Associates, we achieve this by volunteering our time to help charities in our area. As well as volunteering, we also give regular, ongoing donations to charities which are active in the local community. This allows us to give the financial support which charities need to make a real difference.

Your help could make all the difference

One charity that we hold especially dear and are proud to be associated with is SKYWAY. This marvellous organisation helps to inspire young people to make the most of their future as they move toward young adulthood. This can be a challenging time in many children’s lives and SKYWAY help make this transition much easier. By enabling young people to develop key skills and increase their confidence, this wonderful charity gives them a sense of real hope for their future. SKYWAY is such an important charity to us that our very own CEO is their treasurer! If you want to work with an accountancy firm who knows the importance of giving to the local community, give us a call today.

We’re doing all we can to support the local community during these worrying times.

Any donation you can make will help them to carry out their essential work.

Get the most out of giving

Donations to charity from individuals are tax-free.
You can get a tax relief if you donate through Gift Aid, Payroll Giving, or, straight from your wages or pension.

Please contact our team for advice and download our app for more helpful tax tips.