Whether you’re a rapidly growing small business or a company looking to improve business practices, outsourcing your accounting work might be the right move for you. At Highwoods & Associates, we go the extra mile to provide business support to help you flourish. Our highly qualified accountancy team provides your business with the unique support needed through offshoring and outsourcing solutions, without losing any of the control that standard financial outsourcing can typically lead to.

We do outsourcing differently

One of the reasons many of our clients worry about outsourcing is handing control to an unknown person. With Highwoods & Associates, we take the stress out of accountancy solutions with an offshore approach. Instead of simply handing over your data and information, our team works with you directly to achieve results, establish workflows, and ensure you’re in the loop every single second of the day.

Outsourced accounting with offshore standards

Offshoring is the new standard for outsourced accounting – and at Highwoods & Associates, we take the extra steps to ensure our service is an extension of your existing team. We aren’t an anonymous face or voice over the phone; we’re actively involved in your business from day one. Whether you’re outsourcing all your accounting requirements, you need expert help for business growth, or you’re only looking to support payroll and bookkeeping, our specialist team is up to the task.

Specialist accountancy services for your business

Accountancy isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why our flexible, focused approach at Highwoods & Associates makes us the best in the business for your needs. As an offshore, outsourced accountancy team that’s highly-trained in all areas of accountancy, we’re ready and waiting to support your UK business. Achieving the same standard of results, you accomplish in-house – at a far more cost-effective rate.

Our extensive services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll
  • Year-end accounts
  • Account management
  • Tax preparation
  • Data entry
  • Ongoing administrative support

Our uniquely specialised team has vast experience across a range of financial support services in the UK market. Whether you fit a specific niche or you’re looking for general accountant support, we mould our business to fit your exact needs. No teething problems, no confusing processes – just consistently excellent results. Let us know what you want, and we’ll work with you to do exactly that.

Outsourcing – Grow your team with a tailored solution

How does it work?

As a dedicated offshore UK accountancy service, our team at Highwoods & Associates is a highly trained group of specialists, with extensive knowledge and experience working with UK businesses. We can connect you with an offshore accountant to support your business activities and keep your finances in the best condition. Here’s how it all works:

Step one: Sign up for outsourcing services with Highwoods & Associates

The first step to access our expert accounting services is to sign up with us for our services. We offer a range of different packages detailed above, with transparent pricing and a wide range of skill sets to suit your business’s specific needs and goals.

Step two: We connect you with potential team members

Based on your business requirements, we will source potential candidates to add to your outsourced team of experts. Whether you require one accountant or several specialists. We’ll work with you to find someone that best fits your business as well as the specific services you need.

Step three: All team members go through the HA Academy before joining your team

Every member of our team at Highwoods & Associates goes through the comprehensive HA Academy. A two-week training course covers all the foundations to make them a successful and long-lasting part of your team. We will also offer continuous support to ensure your team member always meets the highest standards.

Step four: You’re ready to go

Once you’ve approved a team member and they have completed training; you can start working together. We can conduct regular reviews to ensure all your business needs are met. You can either chat directly with team members or use our client portal alternatively. That’s all there is to it.

Source candidates: Advertising for your position based on your instruction.
Checks: We check each candidate for competency and provide background and reference checks.
Interview: Present the vetted candidates to you for you to decide which candidate fits.
Training: We provide business etiquette and basic accounting software training.
The employment contract is with HA.: Employees are legally employed and managed by us, so you do not have the burden.
Pricing: Transparent no surprise fixed setup and rolling monthly fee.
Termination: Three months of termination notice period.
Bookkeeper or data entry: Diploma in bookkeeping (or equivalent).
Junior accountant or technician: Bachelor's degree in Accountancy (or equivalent).
Experienced Chartered accountant or advisor: Qualified chartered accountant with a minimum of 1 years' experience.

Why choose Highwoods & Associates?

As a committed and dedicated team at Highwoods & Associates, we aim to do our best for our customers. We go above and beyond to offer the best outsourcing option on the market. With offshoring services that more than suit your business needs and exceed expectations regularly. If you’re considering outsourcing your accounting, we’re the best option for you.

Sourcing the right candidate for your business

As an offshoring service, we have the benefit of seeking expert accountants. Our team members are sourced within the UK and also from Sierra Leone. By accessing a larger pool of candidates, we can ensure the UK’s best possible customer service. With access to incredible support staff at an affordable rate, small businesses can access the same standard of care and support as large firms in their industry.

Your business is in safe hands with us

Offshoring your accounts may be daunting. But when it comes to giving your business the best opportunity, we’re a safe pair of hands. Our team meets all security standards, and we’re the experts at what we do. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-term accountancy service that is consistently excellent, you won’t do any better than us.

Full GDPR compliance

We are serious about data protection at Highwoods & Associates. Our team are fully compliant with GDPR requirements. We ensure the highest standard of cybersecurity and include this within our training for new team members. We also have a stringent auditing process, and we adhere to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) standards.

Find out more about outsourcing to Highwoods & Associates

Are you interested in our outsourcing packages? Get in touch with our team now if you’d like to discuss the various services we have to offer.


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