Stages of success for business growth

A business can grow in size through:
Internal (organic) growth – the business grows by hiring more staff and equipment to increase its output.
External growth – where a business merges with or takes over another organisation.

StageCompliant business
Essential accounting
Efficient business
Advance accounting
Growing business
Total accounting solution
Annual revenueUp to £84,999£85,000 – £299,999£300,000+
Monthly investments£90 – £249£249 – £499£499+
Positives and challengesSmall budget
Pricing issues
Working a lot hour
Bad cashflow
HR challenges
Systems challenges
Improving revenue
Improving cashflow
Thinking strategically
Structural challenges
Exit strategy
Goals“I feel like I have too much on my plate and I’m not getting paid enough. I need to manage my finances and time more efficiently.”“We need to increase revenue, improve cash flow and systemise the business to enable us to grow.”“For us to continue to scale our business we need to operate strategically with external support from a business growth expert.”

Accountancy – No surprises fixed fee policy

Available OptionsEssential accountingAdvance accountingTotal accounting solution
Statutory accounts preparation
Tax computation preparation
Tax return preparation
Company secretarial work
Self-assessment tax return
Pre-year end tax planning meeting
Profit review
Accounting records quality report
Personal tax planning
Business tax planning
Tax efficient remuneration
PAYE compliance health checks
VAT compliance health checks
Professional fee protection
Management accounts
Budgets and forecasts
Helping you through the difficult times
Board and/or management meetings

Included within the bundle

Not included within the bundle

Business coaching – Developing and implementing a growth plan to help you reach your potential

Available OptionsEssential coaching
Advance coaching
Total coaching solution
Monthly 1-2-1 coaching via video call or in person
Bimonthly 1-2-1 coaching via video call or in person
Work-through our business coaching roadmap handbook
Decide and review what you want to achieve
Develop a plan of action
Measuring actually performance
Analyse and develop a performance improvement plan
Focus on specific ad hoc issues
Unlimited support via email
Alignment sessions
Individual director coaching sessions (up to 2 directors)
Group training sessions
Bespoke workshops

* PMI – Performance, Measurement and Improvement Systems

Included within the bundle

Not included within the bundle

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