An accountant can be beneficial for those who are self-employed or are starting their own business. Once you’ve chosen the right accountant for your requirements, they can offer best in class, professional services thanks to their experience in the sector, and can help with all your accountancy needs. At Highwoods & Associates, we can offer some first class advice when it comes to the benefits of investing in an accountant to help with your tax requirements, and ensure you meet those all-important deadlines, too.

Save time

Not only is it extremely important from a legal perspective to meet all the necessary government deadlines, but it can also be very time efficient investing in an accountant, especially if you’re self-employed or running an SME. Saving time will help you focus more on other aspects of your company or your work, allowing you to get on with driving the business forward and trusting your accountant to handle the tax requirements.

You can even use our handy tax calculators and help sheets on site to get you started on your journey and find out more.

Prevent fines

Late tax declaration can result in some pretty hefty fines, something which you absolutely want to avoid. These can range from £150 for a day or so out of the deadline, to over a massive £1,000 if you’re a few months late with declaring.

Investing in accountancy will help prevent fines such as these and also provide further education about how the process works. This will help you meet any deadlines with ease, and keep a solid rhythm going throughout the tax year so you’re fully aware of any key calendar dates, too.

Again, letting us do the work here will allow you to focus more on driving your business forward, and investing your time where your company needs it most.

Help grow the business

In addition to removing any niggling tax worries, investing in an accountant can help grow your business, too. They can provide financial forecasts, insight on cash flow, as well as equipment leasing and purchasing. They can also help you with pricing and financing as well as inventory management.

Here at Highwoods & Associates, we offer professional advice tailored to your business’s needs and we’ll learn the full ins and outs of your company to help you grow and succeed along the way. Our years of experience in the sector will help grow your business to the next level.

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